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Care Van

The Care Van® program provides access to vaccines and preventive services to Montanans, with an emphasis on rural and underserved populations. The Care Van teams up with community health officials to administer vaccines and other preventive health services at no cost, or low cost, to patients. The program brings services to Montana’s rural and underserved areas, as well as centralized locations in populated areas. Our care team facilitates clinics and helps our health care partners accomplish their event goals, but does not provide direct care. Typically, the Care Van partners with local public health departments and other local or statewide programs to ensure individuals receive the best access to health services.

Montana Counties Served Since 2014

Is there a cost to partner with the Care Van?

There are no costs for partners to collaborate on an event with the Care Van program.

What services does the Care Van provide?

Available services are dependent on what local community providers feel is most needed and choose to provide. The Care Van has supported providers in providing access to free and/or low costs immunizations, health screenings (such as bone density screenings, A1C testing, etc.), sports physicals, mammograms, oral care and educational resources. The Care Van also supports multiple providers coming together to provide a variety of services at one site.

How do I schedule a Care Van event?

Please contact Care Van Administrator Bryan Haines via email or (406) 437-6198.

How can I support the Caring Foundation and the Care Van Program?

The Caring Foundation accepts financial contributions to support the Care Van Program. Additionally, all registration fees and sponsorship dollars for the Governor’s Cup support the Caring Foundation and the work of the Care Van Program. 100% of every dollar goes directly toward providing preventive services across Montana. For more information please contact Bryan Haines of the Caring Foundation of Montana via email or by calling (406) 437-6198. Donate Now

Do you need insurance to utilize or access the Care Van’s services?

Care Van works to provide services at low or no cost to participants. In most cases, insurance is not required but if you do have insurance we request that you provide your information.

How is the Care Van funded?

The program is funded through a variety of resources, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, Governor’s Cup registrations, private donations and sponsors.

For more information on the Care Van program, please contact Care Van Administrator Bryan Haines via email or by calling (406) 437-6168.